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When the “Sun” once “Beamed” all over Pennsville and Salem County.

How many of us still actually read newspapers? They had been a constant in our lives from the times we were kids racing out to our front yards to bring in the latest editions. Some of us learned more from them then we ever learned from school books. But times began to change.

Also changing was how our news was being presented to us. And it was very sad when “our” paper. The paper that directly related to us. “Today’s Sunbeam” ceased publication. Long before the internet, cell phones, and social media. That newspaper served as a lifeline for all of us in Pennsville and Salem County. It had just about everything we wanted to know. About the things we cared about. Generations of loyal readers. Small town values in small town America.

Remember the “Town Talk” section? That would celebrate students for academic achievements and service to their community. Times listed for various meetings to support educational programs and for those in need. The editorials that would give local folks a chance to air out their grievances concerning the problems going on at that particular time.

Then there was the “For The Record” section. Where we found out who got arrested and who died. Funny how neither was good news but many of us were eager to turn to that page before reading anything else. The sports section was always very good. Combining local coverage and of the pro teams in Philadelphia. Entertainment? Had that too. And TV listings for every evening. Imagine using a newspaper to figure out what was on TV? But we did.

And most important of all was the legacy it left behind. Think of all the scrap books many of you have with articles or photos of your achievements that came directly from Today’s Sunbeam. It’s like you felt famous every time it happened. Whether it was once or several times. To be recognized was the coolest thing on earth. It was our special time. During a special time period in our county. Simpler times. And will never be forgotten by those who got to enjoy its existence.


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