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Patience, positivity, and prosperity.

Pennsville is truly a town that has witnessed and helped participate in helping others achieve their goals. Just a few years ago The Shipyard and The Engine House were piles of rubble with an uncertain future. But then through the tenacity and never say die ownerships and their partners, staffs, etc. They are both living proof that dreams can come true here.

The Shipyard brought something fresh and new. And of course that beautiful view of The Delaware River. Cold drinks, tasty snacks, games, fire pits, live music, and beautiful sunsets made this a haven not only for our locals. But for people from other communities that we welcome as friends and hope that they will come back again. The Spring cannot get here fast enough so we can do it all over again.

The Engine House has not only met expectations. They have exceeded them. A warm and friendly atmosphere greets you every time you go there. From the decor, the golf simulators, and the delicious food and creative drinks. It has given our town a place to be proud of. And a place to welcome those from near and afar.

The Bluebird Diner, Mucho Loco Mexican Restaurant, Famous Sgt. Bob BBQ. These are all shining examples of how our town pulls together to support new small businesses. And not just strictly restaurants either. Another example would be Artiztic Creations with their floral layouts and home and garden services. Proof that friendly and dedicated people with a commitment to their customers and community is still the key ingredient to success.

Pennsville has well over a dozen empty buildings and spaces that could very well be someone’s next dream come true. Maybe even yours. 2023 set a new standard for our small town. We are on the rise and seeing success all around us. May 2024 be another year of believing and achieving.


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