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Remembering Costello’s Christmas Store.

With the Christmas holiday season in full swing now. I think of a place that symbolized its meaning. A place that served our community for so many years. Long before shopping malls were in fashion. And online shopping that has now consumed our world. A place that has not been out of business that long. But you miss its existence as if it happened long ago.

Going there through the years was a memorable experience. Pulling into the parking lot and seeing all of the Christmas trees outside. People bustling about on the property and smiling for the season amidst the small town talk. But then the real magic happened…

You would walk out of the darkness and into the store. But not just any store. The first thing that would hit you were the variety of scents that would fill your senses. All at the same time. The smell of pine and peppermint met with fresh brewed coffee, tea, or hot cider. Cookies for Santa and candy for the kids.

The brightness of clear and colored lights all around you. Holiday music. The lanes you would walk down exploring the Christmas village items. You could order a customized bow for a Christmas tree topper. And let me tell you. They did beautiful work. And if you had an old holiday lighting fixture or decoration. And one or more of the bulbs no longer worked. You could never find the right replacement at a department store or hardware store. But there was always a better then 50/50 chance you could find what you needed at Costello’s. And then…It’s in magical and mystical glory…

The Christmas Tree Tunnel! I will never forget my view from a small child’s eyes walking in wonderment and awe staring at each beautifully decorated Christmas trees. Side by side. It was like walking from another world into yet another world in itself. I never wanted to leave. I would’ve camped out in there! But once you exited you were once again met with the wreaths, bells, garland, and tinsel. Nativity scenes and Christmas Caroler merchandise. A yuletide wonderland of joy all in one place. OUR place.

In the last few years it was open. I must have had a feeling that the end was near. Because I took several pictures while I was there. Something to have to look back on. And I have included some of them with this post. It was the end of an era. An era of carrying a newspaper ad instead of a cellphone. Cash instead of credit. And ultimately, a spontaneous meet and greet with your local townspeople. Maybe your only time to converse until the next Christmas season. A simpler time. A traditional time. And a time we’ll always remember…


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