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Small town beauty.

I think there is a piece inside of most of us that crave for better things that are filled with adventure. But the constant presence of beautiful surroundings bring us peace of mind. Small towns like ours can sometimes take these visions for granted. But ultimately, in times when we need them most. They are always there. We have a lovely home here. One with a spirit to keep dreaming, keep believing, and keep achieving.


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One of the most beautiful things about a Christmas tree is the honoring of traditions that hang from its branches. There are ornaments on a tree that instantly take us back to when we first laid eyes

With the Christmas holiday season in full swing now. I think of a place that symbolized its meaning. A place that served our community for so many years. Long before shopping malls were in fashion. An

As so many people shop from home today or head to the malls or their favorite superstores. There are several businesses in Pennsville that would love to do business with you today. And we have a pop u

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