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Small Town Christmas

The scents, the sounds, and the spirit of the holidays.

Small town sentiments.

Whether it is Christmas, Hanukkah, or however else one chooses to celebrate this time of the year. It is so much more then the holiday itself. Certain scents we identify with that go hand in hand with the celebrations. A turkey or ham or pies or cookies baking in the oven. The fresh aroma of coffee filtering through the air. All of these scents pairing up with a real Christmas tree proudly on display. And there is something about the smell of firewood burning that brings it all home.

The sights of the small town home reunite those who see each other frequently. Or not much at all. Finding the in between seems to be the hardest part in life so we seize the moments when we can. The sounds of corks popping, tabs pulled and caps twisted off as the toasts of spirits carry on through the day and evening. The chatter picks up, the laughter grows, and families and friends settle in. The common visions of football and holiday classics fill our TV screens. And for some of us. It is worth the moment to look around the room or rooms. Because there may be one or a few people who are standing and sitting there now that may not be there next year. Either gone away or gone to a better place.

The familiarity and peacefulness of small town living is a gift to all of us. While also trying not to take for granted the simplicity of it all. This is our haven and place of peace. With the freedom to have our favorite people, places, and things so close to us. To plan and prepare for the promise of spring. The sun drenched summers. And the artistry of the Autumn colors draped all around us. Until we return to these same places and times we are in now. And through it all, have compassion for those who may not see things the way we do. Or are experiencing sadness and depression right now. For one person’s joy is another’s sorrow. Many of us have walked in both pairs of those shoes.

Every so often we’ll hear complaints about Pennsville. And everyone has a right to their opinion. And some complaints are valid. Especially when it comes to things we need or should have. But with that said. We also need to try to be thankful for the things we DO have. Because there are millions of people in this world who would trade places with us small town folks in a second.


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